Proxizone Mobile Engagement Platform

Proxizone iBeacon technology enriches mobile presence of brands by allowing them to provide location based services to their customers.

Real-Time Marketing

Engage your customers at the point they enter your neighborhood. Utilize their proximity to ROIs and location within the zone to show personalized messages.

Indoor Navigation

Enrich user experience by routing your customers indoors with the help of our intelligent navigation algorithm.

Behavioral Analytics

Collect data about your customers such as dwell time in store, number of visits, number of pass by visitors. Proxizone API lets you utilize this data to support your BI processes.

Engagement Management

Proxizone lets you segment your customers based on proximity analytics. Use engagement management console to define engagement rules and triggers for your campaign.

Proxizone Use Cases

Proxizone helps you engage your customers everywhere. Museums and art galleries, malls, stores, restaurants, expo centers and hotels....


Inform your customers about campaigns and promotions by sending them instant notificatios based on their profiles and locations. Utilize analytics data such as dwell time inside store and interests on a product in order to enpower your loyalty program. Develop unique campaigns and strategies based on visitor profiles.

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Museum beacons usecase

Museums and Art Galleries

Proxizone lets you improve visitor experience in museums and art galleries. Use proximity data to provide customized content and product offers related to artifacts. Our indoor navigation solution improves visitor experience by allowing them interactively discover the POIs. Discover your visitor profiles using our analytics services.

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Museum beacons usecase

Expo Centers

Are you having difficulty to reach out potential customers in the crowd? Use Proxizone to develop a strategy for reaching your audience. Send customized messages about events and products according to visitor profiles. Interact with visitors passing by your stand and tell them your story. Track audience interest in conference meetings by collecting temporal proximity data. Utilize indoor navigation in order to enrich visitor experience.

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Proxizone mobile engagement platform provides location based services based on GPS ve Bluetooth technologies.

Proxizone Mobile Engagement Platform
Hardware Specifications

  • iBeacon firmware
  • Custom firmware
  • Proximity sensing in 10 cm - 70 m
  • Configurable broadcast interval
  • 2+ year battery life
hardware beacon products

Software Specifications

  • Rule based engagement actions
  • Ability to define engagement zones
  • Ability to define engagement triggers
  • Visitor analytics
  • Campaign management
  • Content editing
  • External content redirection
  • Ability to define zone metadata
  • Metadata based visitor segmentation
  • API integration

Proxizone Mobile Solutions

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